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  • Seriegrafie "Galerie im Tor"
    "Galerie im Tor"

    "Galerie im Tor" Serigraphie29,7  x 42 cm - 2015 - Edition 2/5after a...

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  • "Die Schöne"
    "Die Schöne"

    "Die Schöne" Poplar painted with acrylicHeight 50cm 2014 Clemens Heinl...

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  • "o.T."
    "le voyageur"

    "le voyageur" Lithograph on handmade paper57x76 cm Edition E.A. 2015...

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  • "Waldmeistergeister"

    "Waldgeistermeister" Lichtdruck5-coloredPaper 48x66 cmEdition: 16/34not...

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  • Christoph Dittrich

    A rich palette of colors and repetitive shapes in different constellations are distinguishing features of the works of the Nuremberg painter Christoph Dittrich. The motives of his painting are individual and testify to great imagination. The artist succeeds in breaking up the picture surface, giving space to the picture. The painter is concerned with the perception of repetitive forms in ever new constellations. It's about body and mass, about depth and space, about movement and time. Seemingly consistent forms organize themselves and create themselves constantly new and create a moment of weightlessness, of movement - a sensual almost meditative feeling. Christoph Dittrich is not a figurative painter, but one can interpret him as an artist "who creates equanimous visions ...". Rüdiger Heinze

  • Christophe Hohler

    There is something fascinating about the characters that Christophe Hohler stages. "Fascinating", however, does not adequately reflect what is happening in us the moment we see his figures. In fact, the fragile silhouettes surrender to us with an immediacy that is so disturbing that we are shaken.

    If we look at these disarmed beings, who are held in quiet moments of their existence, we realize how much our gaze is conditioned, indeed tied up. For a long time, the decency forbids to look on fellow human beings. Is not it necessary to be conscientious in avoiding eye contact for too long? Does not propriety today forbid (and understand) others?
    With Christophe Hohler - both as artist and as human being - these taboos are lifted. He refuses to conform to this type of convention. When asked, for example, where his characters come from, he simply replies, "By painting, the subject reveals itself." For this reason, he has not needed a model in front of him to give his silhouettes a body. Rather, it is his mental alertness that mobilizes his optical memory and empathy. This convergence leads his hand, and in a few lightning strokes arise "This da", Figure 12-01, individual 1, a refugee group ... Because he paints fast, very fast. You have to see it painting once: With a few color strokes, it invents a body and gives it the desired look. One realizes that he has integrated a multitude of observations and learned by heart the forms that certain mental states can take. And he lets them emerge in truly symptomatic pictures. He shapes the figure with his yellow, with the blue, the red. Especially the red, color of life. "When painting, the subject reveals himself ..." He seeks neither individuality nor likeness; rather, with the unfailing accuracy that is his own, he searches the humanity of the beings. From this he captures a small, intimate part that is her fragility, her radiant dignity. That which we refuse to see, and rightly fascinates us.

    © Claude ROSSIGNOL

  • Clemens Heinl

    born 1959 in Schwabach
    1986-92 studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg
    1991 Master student with Prof. Uhlig
    Since 1993 freelance as a sculptor in Schwabach

  • Dietrich Schön

    Geboren 1954 in Rottweil
    1992 - 2011 Lehrauftrag an der Freien Hochschule Design u Bild.Kunst Freiburg
    ab 2011 Lehrauftrag an der hkdm Hochschule für Kunst Design und Musik Freiburg
    Mitglied im Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg
    Lebt und arbeitet in Freiburg/Br.

  • Gela Samsonidse

    The Georgian artist, Gela Samsonidse, born in 1965, lives and works since 1994 in Freiburg. in Germany. He studied at the State Art Academy in Tbilisi, Georgia, and in 2010 received a scholarship from the Cité International des Arts in Paris.

  • Ina Kunz

  • Patrick Fauck

    I do not regard printmaking as a "decorative" accessory, as an extension of the artistic repertoire as with a painter or sculptor, no, for me, printing is the main path, laboratory and large field of experimentation.The allure of the alchemy of "black art", that of every printing technique own procedure, the different and unmistakable characteristics of all graphic arts disciplines, be it etching in all its facets, be it wood and linocut, lithography, silkscreen printing, etc., or the very elaborate and today almost forgotten lighting ; they all fascinate me and everywhere there is a fascination, desire for art and a zest for action.

    Patrick Fauck

  • Ruth Gast

    Ruth Gast was born in 1964 near Hannover. For her, daughter of an art teacher, painting is a means of expression from an early age.
    In 1984-89 she studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin.
    The works of Ruth Gast include oil paintings, prints and sculptures. They show an unusual for today's seriousness without any showmanship. Ruth Gast reflects all facets of human expression through to caricature representation in a kind of snapshot. Another aspect of her work is landscapes. She makes use of a wealth of color and a cubist-expressive design language and consciously works with traditional means to transfer her own content.

  • Stephan Hasslinger

    b 1960 in Marburg / Lahn
    1985-93 studied sculpture at the HfK Bremen and at the HdK Berlin with Lothar Fischer and
    Master student with David Evison
    1992 DAAD Erasmus Scholarship at the Royal College of Art, London
    1993 Scholarship at the European Ceramic Work Center, s'Hertogenbosch
    1994 DAAD Travel Grant in Rotterdam
    1995 project scholarship of the city of Bremen
    2003 1st Prize Art-in-Construction Competition New construction of the regional council, Freiburg
    2006 1st Prize Art-in-Construction Competition Robert-Gerwig-Schule, Furtwangen
    Grand Prize of the city of Vallauris / Cannes for contemporary ceramic sculpture
    2007 Cité Internationale des Arts Paris Scholarship of the State of Baden-Württemberg
    2008 1st Prize Competition Lithurgical Design of the Baroque Church of St. Remigius, Merdingen
    2011 Visiting lecturer at the Art University Linz Plastic conceptions / Kerami

  • Thomas Menzel

    Born in 1954 in Bochum, Germany
    Works since 1984 as a graphic artist, photographer and painter
    Lives and works in Kenzingen

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