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  • Seriegrafie "Galerie im Tor"
    "Galerie im Tor"

    "Galerie im Tor" Serigraphie29,7  x 42 cm - 2015 - Edition 2/5after a...

    232,71 €
  • "Die Schöne"
    "Die Schöne"

    "Die Schöne" Poplar painted with acrylicHeight 50cm 2014 Clemens Heinl...

    1 680,67 €
  • "o.T."
    "le voyageur"

    "le voyageur" Lithograph on handmade paper57x76 cm Edition E.A. 2015...

    546,22 €
  • "Waldmeistergeister"

    "Waldgeistermeister" Lichtdruck5-coloredPaper 48x66 cmEdition: 16/34not...

    210,08 €




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List of products by manufacturer Christoph Dittrich

A rich palette of colors and repetitive shapes in different constellations are distinguishing features of the works of the Nuremberg painter Christoph Dittrich. The motives of his painting are individual and testify to great imagination. The artist succeeds in breaking up the picture surface, giving space to the picture. The painter is concerned with the perception of repetitive forms in ever new constellations. It's about body and mass, about depth and space, about movement and time. Seemingly consistent forms organize themselves and create themselves constantly new and create a moment of weightlessness, of movement - a sensual almost meditative feeling. Christoph Dittrich is not a figurative painter, but one can interpret him as an artist "who creates equanimous visions ...". Rüdiger Heinze

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items