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  • Seriegrafie "Galerie im Tor"
    "Galerie im Tor"

    "Galerie im Tor" Serigraphie29,7  x 42 cm - 2015 - Edition 2/5after a...

    232,71 €
  • "Die Schöne"
    "Die Schöne"

    "Die Schöne" Poplar painted with acrylicHeight 50cm 2014 Clemens Heinl...

    1 680,67 €
  • "o.T."
    "le voyageur"

    "le voyageur" Lithograph on handmade paper57x76 cm Edition E.A. 2015...

    546,22 €
  • "Waldmeistergeister"

    "Waldgeistermeister" Lichtdruck5-coloredPaper 48x66 cmEdition: 16/34not...

    210,08 €




Galerie Thomas Menzel

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I do not regard printmaking as a "decorative" accessory, as an extension of the artistic repertoire as with a painter or sculptor, no, for me, printing is the main path, laboratory and large field of experimentation.The allure of the alchemy of "black art", that of every printing technique own procedure, the different and unmistakable characteristics of all graphic arts disciplines, be it etching in all its facets, be it wood and linocut, lithography, silkscreen printing, etc., or the very elaborate and today almost forgotten lighting ; they all fascinate me and everywhere there is a fascination, desire for art and a zest for action.

Patrick Fauck

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items