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  • Seriegrafie "Galerie im Tor"
    "Galerie im Tor"

    "Galerie im Tor" Serigraphie29,7  x 42 cm - 2015 - Edition 2/5after a...

    232,71 €
  • "Die Schöne"
    "Die Schöne"

    "Die Schöne" Poplar painted with acrylicHeight 50cm 2014 Clemens Heinl...

    1 680,67 €
  • "o.T."
    "le voyageur"

    "le voyageur" Lithograph on handmade paper57x76 cm Edition E.A. 2015...

    546,22 €
  • "Waldmeistergeister"

    "Waldgeistermeister" Lichtdruck5-coloredPaper 48x66 cmEdition: 16/34not...

    210,08 €




Galerie Thomas Menzel

List of products by manufacturer Ruth Gast

Ruth Gast was born in 1964 near Hannover. For her, daughter of an art teacher, painting is a means of expression from an early age.
In 1984-89 she studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin.
The works of Ruth Gast include oil paintings, prints and sculptures. They show an unusual for today's seriousness without any showmanship. Ruth Gast reflects all facets of human expression through to caricature representation in a kind of snapshot. Another aspect of her work is landscapes. She makes use of a wealth of color and a cubist-expressive design language and consciously works with traditional means to transfer her own content.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items