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  • Seriegrafie "Galerie im Tor"
    "Galerie im Tor"

    "Galerie im Tor" Serigraphie29,7  x 42 cm - 2015 - Edition 2/5after a...

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  • "Die Schöne"
    "Die Schöne"

    "Die Schöne" Poplar painted with acrylicHeight 50cm 2014 Clemens Heinl...

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  • "o.T."
    "le voyageur"

    "le voyageur" Lithograph on handmade paper57x76 cm Edition E.A. 2015...

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  • "Waldmeistergeister"

    "Waldgeistermeister" Lichtdruck5-coloredPaper 48x66 cmEdition: 16/34not...

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List of products by manufacturer Gela Samsonidse

The Georgian artist, Gela Samsonidse, born in 1965, lives and works since 1994 in Freiburg. in Germany. He studied at the State Art Academy in Tbilisi, Georgia, and in 2010 received a scholarship from the Cité International des Arts in Paris.

Gela Samsonidse's images combine figurative human representation with an abstract background. Painterly, the artist creates a dense, structural pictorial ground that captures the figurative, narrative figure. He uses family photos as a template and removes the context from his figures using the abstract background. He creates space for interpretation in that the viewer, like the people in the series "face to face", can reflect his innermost self.

Picturesque reality

Gela Samsonidse paints lively and emotional people with liquid oil colors and a fine but dynamic stroke. These are balanced by the geometric rigor of its structural, monochrome, woven backgrounds. However, this backdrop only becomes narrative in his large-format graphite drawings. They live from their black and white structure, which binds and interweaves narrative moments.

Strong regional anchorage

Gela Samsonidse has been exhibiting regularly and continuously in southern Germany since his arrival in Germany. Particularly convincing is his long list of solo exhibitions but also his participation in the exhibition (Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria, Haus der Kunst Munich, Germany). Exhibition catalogs document the development in his work.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items